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Steve Brown Q&A

So you’re about to head the Ontario Improv for a great night out but before you do, we’re here to give you the lowdown on just how great your night is going to be. Hitting up some of the best comics around with a little Q&A session, here is your chance to get some insight and to get even more excited about seeing one of your favorites. Yeah, you’re welcome.
Who: Steve Brown
About The Show: Steve Brown brings high energy and plenty of relatable material when he is entertaining the masses from coast to coast. Try to keep up with this fast talking joke cracking man and you will instantly be left laughing your a** off...no matter what color it is.
When and Where: Ontario Improv, September 19th and 22nd, 4555 Mills Circle Ontario Mills Ontario, CA 91764 (909) 484-5411
Q&A with Steve Brown by Ali Lerman
Q: When did you realize that you wanted to make a career out of comedy?

A: Well actually, I played football and that didn’t work out! So I had transferred to Stillman College, which is where I graduated from, and I was just messing around on stage. Another comic had a talent show on campus and he had seen me doing some hosting things and said, “You ought to try stand-up because you’re pretty funny.” So he took me on the road with him and I worked for free for about a year and it kind of snowballed. And here I am today!
Q: Do you think you could’ve made a career out of playing football?
A: Actually, I was too small. But I still was pretty decent. It’s still my first love though so when I’m on the road, I coach at my alma mater Stillman College. I’m like a volunteer coach because I just love the game of football. I was running some park and recreation teams for years too until my schedule got too hectic with comedy.
Q: You have a great video where you are singing like a pastor, I’m thinking you could make a solid career out of doing something like that too.
A: [Laughs.]  Oh wow! I was raised in the church and that bit that I do is really true. My grandfather had hired some gospel singers and for some reason, they didn’t show up. His friends decided that they would do it and the lead singer showed up drunk and forgot the words to the songs! All he did was just holler and scream. It was the most hilarious thing ever.
Q: Do you have a favorite moment in your career to date?
A: I taped a TV show years ago and I did really well and got a standing ovation. Steve Harvey was there and I was like this huge Steve Harvey fan! He walked up to me and said something like, “Steve Harvey doesn’t have time to be talking to all of these young comics but, I like what you did, your stage presence is wonderful, and you are truly funny.” It was like my biggest moment ever! I left and went straight to call my mom. I thought that was really huge!
Q: Is there like a “dream gig” that you still want?
A: You know believe it or not, just being on stage and touring is really good for me. I just love being on stage so being on any stage is like a dream to me.
Q: I can see that. I mean, you laugh a lot on stage which just shows how much fun you’re having up there.
A: I feel like I’m pretty much entertaining myself. Whatever comes out, that’s what comes out. If I feel like it is funny, I’ll bring it out to the polls. I’m always laughing because I’m literally visualizing the joke in my head while I’m doing it. I think that people pay me to entertain me sometimes.
Q: What else are you working on that you want to tell us about?
A:  I produce and promote comedy shows so right now, I have a tour called the “Steve Brown: Laughing my Black Ass Off Comedy Series.” I also do a monthly comedy show in Alabama and I have a scholarship fund. So I guess I have a lot going on huh?
Q: Being busy is a great thing. How can we stalk you on social media?
A: My website is www.stevewbrown.com, I’m on Twitter @ComicSteveBrown and please put in quotes “he needs followers,” and I’m also on Instagram @ComicSteveBrown. I’m on Facebook as well and have a fan page too so that’s pretty cool.