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Cory N Chad Q&A

So you’re about to head the Ontario Improv for a great night out but before you do, we’re here to give you the lowdown on just how great your night is going to be. Hitting up some of the best comics around with a little Q&A session, here is your chance to get some insight and to get even more excited about seeing one of your favorites. Yeah, you’re welcome.
Who: Cory and Chad aka The Smash Brothers
About The Show: If you’ve never been The Dirty Show presented by The Smash Brothers, you are in for a real treat. An X-rated treat that is. Identical twins Cory and Chad bring the hilarity by leaving no race or sexual innuendo untouched so leave your uptight friends at home and get ready for a naughty night of fun. This show will also include a toy drive so please get in the spirit of giving while The Smash Brothers repay you with the gift of laughter. 
When and Where: Ontario Improv, December 18th at 8:00pm, 4555 Mills Circle Ontario Mills Ontario, CA 91764 (909) 484-5411
Q&A with Cory and Chad by Ali Lerman
Q: You’ve been traveling a lot this year with Ralphie May which is obviously a fantastic opportunity. Where are some of the stand-out places that this tour has taken you?
A: Ralphie has brought us along on his tour from coast to coast twice this year as well as to Canada. To perform in these other states was a dream come true. Cleveland and Houston were two of our favorite cities that we performed in during this tour because the audiences were electric and the energy in those rooms was inspiring to say the least.
Q: What else are you guys working on for the upcoming year?
A: We were fortunate enough to be part of Ralphie's new special called "Filthy Animals" that was taped in Portland and we hear it will air in early 2014. We’re still touring with Ralphie starting up again in January 2014 and it kicks off in Florida. At this point in our career, doing stand-up for ten years, we feel humbled and grateful that we can tour across America and reach out to audiences who may not necessarily know who we are or what we are about. When you can win over an audience and get the crowd all fired up for Ralphie to come out on stage and do his thing, we are doing our job. Quite honestly, it's the greatest feeling in the world.
Q: Where did this idea to do The Dirty Show at the Ontario Improv come from?
A: Back in 2005, we were in comedy for just a of couple years and we were constantly told that at times we were too blue and dirty even though we would have great audience reactions. So we brainstormed and came up with a show where there would be no rules or boundaries. We figured we would host it and have three other comics on the show with no censorship or guidelines to follow. In April 2006, the Ontario Improv gave us an opportunity and The Dirty Show became a hit. We're now well over 100 shows and we've sold it out 87 times. 
Q: That’s awesome! So for anyone who hasn’t gone to see this show, what can they expect from it?
A: The Dirty Show is a wild and crazy show with high energy. We also do free giveaways of adult toys and marital aides. We’ve had tons of drop-ins from headlining comics like Aisha Tyler, Ralphie May, Joe Rogan, and Carlos Mencia to name a few. The lineup is always a mystery and the audience never knows who will be performing on the show until it actually starts. We can guarantee that this is a show that you will thoroughly enjoy and never forget.
Q: I also saw you mention on Facebook that this upcoming show will be a toy drive as well. What a great idea!
A: For the past five years we have been doing a toy drive for local families and charities in need of donations. Last year we teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they truly appreciated the donations. We know the toys will go to children who really deserve a smile on their faces by receiving some toys for the holidays.
Q: Very true. OK where can the fans connect you on social media and learn more about you guys?
A: People can find us on Facebook.com/CoryNChad, Instagram.com/CoryNChad, @CoryNChad on Twitter, and on our website www.Identicalentertainment.com.
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